Club House Hours of Operation

Summer Hours

April 1-October 31   

  • M-F 8am-Close  

 April  6 -May 19       

  • Sat/Sun 8am-Close

 May 25-September 15 

  • Sat/Sun 7am-Close

September 21-October 31 

  • Sat/Sun 8am-Close

Winter Hours

November 1-March 31 

  • Friday 4pm-Close
  • Saturday Noon-Close


  • Replace Divots
  • Repair ball marks
  • Soft spikes only
  • Keep carts 30' from all greens

Yardage markers to center of green

  • Blue 200 yards
  • Yellow 150 yards
  • Red 100 yards

 Out of Bounds

  1. Over fence on #7
  2. Over fence on #9
  3. #4 & #5

  • Any ball hit on opposite fairway between the white stakes.  Ball is brought in laterally (drop in rough) and one stroke is charged but no provisional ball is hit.  If the ball is NOT up to the white stakes in the opposite fairway the ball is still in play

Ground Rules

  • All players must register at the clubhouse
  • No more than four players to a group
  • Tee off only between markers
  • Do not hit  until group in front of you is out of range
  • Slow players must allow following players to pass
  • Each player must have their own bag and set of clubs
  • All individuals driving a motor cart rented from the clubhouse must have a valid driver's license