Green Fees



M-F Open 8am-Close

9 holes $15.00 

18 holes $20.00 


Saturday-Sunday Open 8am-Close

9 holes $20.00 

18 holes $25.00  

Cart Rental 

9 holes $16.00 

18 holes $22.00 

Pull Cart Rental Available

Club Rental Available

Driving Range

300 yard+ driving range (closed on Tuesdays until 3:00pm) 

Putting and Chipping Green

Club Days Open to the Public

Wednesday-Ladies League starts 5/15

  • Member Ladies League Noon-6:30pm

Thursday-Men's League starts 5/2

  • Member Men's League Noon-6:30pm

Hole #1 Par 4

White  390 Yards 

Gold  341 Yards 

Red  311 Yards  

This wide fairway is very friendly.  

Drive it straight and hit a mid-iron into the green.  Missing the green long/left/right is a recipe for bogey. Better to be short than long on the approach. 

Hole #2 Par 4

White  308 Yards 

Gold  304 Yards 

Red  300 Yards  

Big hitters have reached the green off the tee. Tree trouble for errant tee shots.  The deep green will hold high soft approach shots. 

Hole #3 Par 3

White  147 Yards 

Gold  144 Yards 

Red  135 Yards  

Keep it straight on this picturesque uphill Par 3.  

Missing short is OK, but any other direction will test your short game. 

Hole #4 Par 5

White  490 Yards 

Gold  445 Yards 

Red  400 Yards  

A straight drive and second shot will leave you with a short approach to this large green. Stay out of the only two sand traps on the course.   It will be quick putting from above the hole. 

Hole #5 Par 4

White  409 Yards 

Gold  347 Yards 

Red  304 Yards  

A difficult green to reach in two, so a confident drive is a must to have a chance at par. Try to find the middle terrace on your drive.  A blind approach shot adds suspense to see if the ball is on the green. 

Hole #6 Par 4

White  380 Yards 

Gold  323 Yards 

Red  314 Yards  

It is uphill all the way on this hole.  A drive too close to the trees makes for a tricky approach to the green.  

#6 offers the flattest green of the course.

Hole #7 Par 4

White  386 Yards 

Gold  345 Yards 

Red  291 Yards  

Let the big dog eat on this inviting fairway. You may have  the only flat fairway lie of the day for the approach shot.  A second shot into the trees right of the green will test your ball finding skills.

Hole #8 Par 3

White  183 Yards 

Gold  164 Yards 

Red  153 Yards  

An uphill tee shot makes the green tough to hold.  Miss the green left and bogie is a good score.  Stay below the hole if possible; to putt uphill. 

Hole #9 Par 5


White 498 Yards 

Gold 443 Yards 

Red 435 Yards 

The longest hole on the course with plenty of room to hit driver. It's possible to reach the green in two with a long tee shot. Over the green is trouble.  


Local Rules

Out of Bounds

  1. Over fence on #7
  2. Over fence on #9
  3. #4 & #5

  • Any ball hit on opposite fairway between the white stakes.  Ball is brought in laterally (drop in rough) and one stroke is charged but no provisional ball is hit.  If the ball is NOT up to the white stakes in the opposite fairway the ball is still in play

Ground Rules

  • All players must register at the clubhouse
  • No more than four players to a group
  • Tee off only between markers
  • Do not hit  until group in front of you is out of range
  • Slow players must allow following players to pass
  • Each player must have their own bag and set of clubs
  • All individuals driving a motor cart rented from the clubhouse must have a valid driver's license

Slope and Rating

  • Women's Rating 71.0|Slope 110.0
  • Men's Rating 71.2|Slope 118.0
  • Yardage Measured to the Center of Green